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Query Results for Maryland Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Data - Doctor-Diagnosed Diabetes (detail), Age-Adjusted, 2019

Doctor Diagnosed Diabetes (detail) Filter: Doctor Diagnosed Diabetes
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**The estimate has been suppressed because 1) The coefficient of variation is greater than 30% or when the coefficient of variation can't be determined. Consider using State Overall, or regions with fewer number of defined regions to decrease the relative standard error and improve the reliability of the estimate. 2) the observed number of events is very small and not appropriate for publication, or 3) it could be used to calculate the number in a cell that has been suppressed.

Question Wording:

Have you ever been told by a doctor, nurse, or other health professional that you have diabetes? If "Yes" and respondent is female, ask: "Was this only when you were pregnant?" All survey respondents were asked this question.

Weighted Survey Data

The data reported above were produced by weighting the sample to better represent the Maryland population age 18 and older. All percentages, confidence intervals, and population estimates are based on weighted data.
  • 2019 Maryland Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, accessed at on [INSERT DATE ACCESSED].

Survey Sample

The survey is conducted using scientific telephone survey methods to collect data from Maryland adults age 18 and older who are not living in institutional settings such as nursing homes, military barracks, or prisons. Since 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has weighted survey results by a statistical process called iterative proportional fitting (also called raking) to account for demographic differences between the survey sample and Maryland's adult population. Please visit for additional information about telephone data collection and weighting methodologies.


The denominator includes all survey respondents ages 18 years and older except those with missing, don't know and refused answers. If the query was limited to a particular sub-population-group, only those respondents are included in the denominator.

Results Grouped by Second indicator

When grouping results by a second indicator, the results displayed are percentages of second indicator that included/met criteria of first or primary indicator. Note the Query Criteria at top of page.
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